Pupils serving a pupillage at our chambers are expected to observe the relevant statutory and regulatory requirements strictly and to complete tasks assigned competently and diligently.

Pupils will receive an honorarium from their respective pupil-masters, and may undertake paid work where permissible under the Code of Conduct of the Hong Kong Bar Association.

Application for pupillage

Those who are interested in serving pupillage at our chambers should send to us a cover letter, a curriculum vitae, a recent photograph of themselves (for identification purpose), and any other relevant materials including but not limited to any academic transcripts and reference letters.

All applications for pupillage should reach our Chambers six months before the commencement of the intended period of pupillage.

Shortlisted candidates are required to attend an interview by the intended pupil master. All applications are considered based on merit.


A limited number of mini-pupillages are available all year round. During their stay, mini-pupils may be expected to complete simple tasks and observe court hearings under the instructions and guidance of a practising barrister. They may also be given work by any member of our chambers and may have the opportunity to gain exposure to a wide variety of cases and matters.

Interested law students are encouraged to write to our chambers or individual members enclosing a curriculum vitae and a recent photograph of themselves (for identification purpose).

For further information on pupillage or mini-pupillage, please send an email enquiry to pupillage@erikshum.com.