Quality Advice and Advocacy

Located in proximity to the High Court, Erik Shum’s Chambers is a forward-thinking set that is committed to providing clients with the highest standards of advice and representation.

Our Barristers offer services at all levels of advocacy and advisory work, and provide innovative, pragmatic, and client-focused solutions with their depth of expertise in a range of practice areas and ability to lead the most complex cases.

Erik Shum’s Chambers 毗鄰香港高等法院,是一家具有前瞻性思維的大律師事務所,致力為客戶提供最高標準的法律服務。我們的大律師在各級法院及各類案件中皆可提供訟辯服務和法律意見,並能夠憑藉他們在眾多業務領域的專業知識和處理複雜案件的能力提供創新、務實和以客戶為中心的解決方案。

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請通過我們的秘書或 致電 +852 2155 9343 與我們的大律師聯繫。如需獲得進一步的信息或幫助,請將查詢以電子郵件發送至 ask@erikshum.com